Christian Counseling at FBC


Professional Individual, Marriage and Family Counseling services are available at First Baptist Church in Elk Grove.

FBC is proud to make Professional Christian Counseling available to the entire Elk Grove community with a cost effective fee structure. Marriage and Family Counseling services are available at First Baptist Church in Elk Grove from either licensed counselors or trained interns who are working on the hours needed for licensure. We can address almost any issue here or can refer you out to known Christian therapists in the community.

FBC is proud to offer Elk Grove and the surrounding community access to affordable professional counseling services. With over 25 years experience the FBC counseling staff has been an integral part of the healing process for countless individuals, couples and families in the Elk Grove area. We want to encourage you to make the call because we do not want you to be alone in your struggles. Because of the diverse backgrounds and personal experiences of our counseling staff we can relate to the significance of your situation. We can empathize with you as you contemplate making the call that will initiate the change process in your life. We sincerely hope you will give us an opportunity to walk along side you and become the safe place in your exploration process. If you are willing to risk engaging in relationship in a new way we are confident the results will produce fruits in your life.

With prices ranging from $50 to $100 per session we wish to minimize expense as a roadblock to your exploring the change process we are making available. Licensed therapists range from $70 to $100 dollars per session depending on experience and specialty, while interns are $50 dollars per session. Because FBC does not want cost to be the deciding factor in your decision to initiate change, members or regular attenders here at First Baptist Church in Elk Grove may contact Melissa Yocum at 685-4821 ext. 112 who can then evaluate your eligibility for a reduction of the fee of up to 50% of the cost to see an intern.

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Please leave a message at 685-4821 ext. 347 if you wish more information or want to schedule an appointment.